Mafia Dates



Saturday 31stSeagull, Fareham

September 2019

 Saturday 7thCarisbrooke Arms, Gosport

 Friday 27thThe Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 28thThe Wyvern, Lee-on-Solent

October 2019

 Friday 11thLord Raglan, Emsworth

 Saturday 12thHothampton Arms, Bognor

 Friday 25thThe Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 26thThe White Horse, Swanage

November 2019

 Friday 8thThe Swan, Woolston

 Saturday 9thAdmiral Drake, North End

 Saturday 16thThe Fareham, Fareham

 Friday 22ndRobin Hood, Sholing

 Saturday 23rdThe Yacht Tavern, Southampton

 Friday 29thThe Heroes, Waterlooville

December 2019

 Saturday 7thHeathfield Arms, Fareham

 Saturday 14thThe Wyvern, Lee-on-Solent

 Friday 27thThe Heroes, Waterlooville

January 2020

 Friday 3rdRobin Hood, Sholing

 Friday 10thThe Ship and Shovel, Warsash
First time at a brand new venue for us!

 Saturday 11thThe Dolphin, St Denys
Another new venue for us to rock n roll in!

 Saturday 25thHothampton Arms, Bognor

 Friday 31stThe Heroes, Waterlooville

February 2020

 Saturday 1stThe White Horse, Swanage

 Saturday 8thThe Fareham, Fareham

 Saturday 22ndThe Cabin, Elmer

 Friday 28thThe Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 29thThe Swan, Woolston

March 2020

 Friday 13thCarisbrooke Arms, Gosport

 Saturday 21stThe Wyvern, Lee-on-Solent

 Friday 27thThe Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 28thRobin Hood, Sholing

April 2020

 Saturday 4thSeagull, Fareham

 Saturday 11thHothampton Arms, Bognor

 Friday 17thLord Raglan, Emsworth

 Saturday 18thHeathfield Arms, Fareham

 Friday 24thThe Heroes, Waterlooville

May 2020

 Saturday 2ndThe Fareham, Fareham

 Friday 8thAdmiral Drake, North End

 Saturday 9thThe White Horse, Swanage

 Saturday 16thChurchill Arms, Alderholt
Beer & Bike Rally ...we start at 9pm

 Friday 29thThe Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 30thPrivate Party, Godalming

June 2020

 Saturday 6thThe Fawley Show, Fawley
Playing times tbc

 Saturday 13thSwanage Fish Festival, Swanage
Playing times tbc

 Friday 26thThe Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 27thThe Wyvern, Lee-on-Solent

July 2020

 Friday 3rdShip and Shovel, Warsash

 Saturday 4thThe Swan, Woolston

 Friday 24thLord Raglan, Emsworth

 Saturday 25thThe White Horse, Swanage
The beginning of carnival week!

 Friday 31stThe Heroes, Waterlooville

August 2020

 Friday 14thPrivate party, Southampton

 Saturday 15thPrivate party, Littlehampton

 Friday 21stAdmiral Drake, North End

 Saturday 22ndThe Cabin, Elmer

 Friday 28thThe Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 29thThe Dolphin, St Denys

September 2020

 Friday 4thRobin Hood, Sholing

 Saturday 5thThe Wyvern, Lee-on-Solent

 Friday 11thCarisbrooke Arms, Gosport

 Saturday 12thHothampton Arms, Bognor

 Friday 25thThe Heroes, Waterlooville

October 2020

 Saturday 3rdThe Swan, Woolston

 Saturday 10thThe Fareham, Fareham

 Saturday 17thThe White Horse, Swanage

 Friday 30thThe Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 31stHeathfield Arms, Fareham

November 2020

 Friday 13thShip and Shovel, Warsash

 Friday 20thLord Raglan, Emsworth

 Friday 27thThe Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 28thSeagull, Fareham

December 2020

 Friday 11thAdmiral Drake, North End

 Saturday 12thThe Dolphin, St Denys

 Friday 18thThe Heroes, Waterlooville
A week early due to us not wanting to play on Xmas day! :)

 Saturday 19thThe Cabin, Elmer

Black Rose Dates

black rose dates.jpg

Groove Monster

14th September  Lee Community Centre

20th September Red Lion Stubbington

12th October Cowplain Club

29th November Red Lion Stubbington

21st December Lee Community Centre

14th Feb The Dolphin

20th March Carisbrooke Gosport

7th August The Dolphin St Denys

31st Dec The Dolphin St Denys

Currently all on hold due to Covid-19