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Live Dates 23/24
With Mafia

August 2023

 Friday 4th The Yacht Tavern, Southampton

 Saturday 5th The White Horse, Swanage

 Friday 25th The Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 26thThe Wyvern, Lee-on-Solent

September 2023

 Friday 1st Bedes Lea, Southampton

 Saturday 2nd The Fareham, Fareham

 Saturday 16thPrivate party, Portsmouth

 Saturday 23rdWindsor Castle, Gosport

 Friday 29th The Heroes, Waterlooville

October 2023

 Saturday 7th The Cabin, Elmer

 Saturday 14th Hothampton Arms, Bognor

 Friday 27th The Heroes, Waterlooville

November 2023

 Saturday 4thThe Jolly Miller, Fareham

 Friday 17th The Yacht Tavern, Southampton

 Saturday 18thPrince of Wales, Havant

 Friday 24th The Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 25th Carisbrooke Arms, Gosport

December 2023

 Saturday 2nd The Cabin, Elmer

 Saturday 9thThe Wyvern, Lee-on-Solent

 Saturday 16thThe Jolly Miller, Fareham

 Friday 29th The Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 30th The Fareham, Fareham

January 2024

 Friday 12thWindsor Castle, Gosport

 Saturday 13th Hothampton Arms, Bognor

 Saturday 20th The Yacht Tavern, Southampton

 Friday 26th The Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 27thThe Anchor, Sidlesham

February 2024

 Friday 9th Bedes Lea, Southampton

 Saturday 10th Carisbrooke Arms, Gosport

 Saturday 17th The White Horse, Swanage

 Friday 23rd The Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 24thWorthies Sports and Social Club, Winchester

March 2024

 Saturday 16th The Cabin, Elmer

 Friday 22nd The Fareham, Fareham

 Saturday 23rdThe Wyvern, Lee-on-Solent

 Friday 29th The Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 30thPrince of Wales, Havant

April 2024

 Saturday 13thWickham Beer Festival

 Saturday 20thThe Jolly Miller, Fareham

 Friday 26th The Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 27thShip & Castle, Southsea
Our first time at this venue

May 2024

 Friday 3rdWindsor Castle, Gosport

 Saturday 4th The White Horse, Swanage

 Saturday 18th Churchill Arms, Alderholt
This will be an 8.30pm start

 Saturday 25th The Fareham, Fareham

 Friday 31st The Heroes, Waterlooville

June 2024

 Saturday 1st Hothampton Arms, Bognor

 Saturday 15th The Cabin, Elmer

 Saturday 22ndThe Fawley Show, Fawley
Playing time to be confirmed

 Friday 28th The Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 29thThe Wyvern, Lee-on-Solent

July 2024

 Friday 12th The Yacht Tavern, Southampton

 Saturday 13thThe Anchor, Sidlesham

 Friday 19thWindsor Castle, Gosport

 Saturday 20thThe Jolly Miller, Fareham

 Friday 26th The Heroes, Waterlooville

August 2024

 Saturday 3rd The White Horse, Swanage

 Friday 23rd Lord Raglan, Emsworth

 Saturday 24th The Fareham, Fareham

 Friday 30th The Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 31st The Cabin, Elmer

September 2024

 Friday 6th Bedes Lea, Southampton

 Saturday 7thThe Wyvern, Lee-on-Solent

 Saturday 14thWorthies Sports and Social Club, Winchester

 Friday 27th The Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 28th Carisbrooke Arms, Gosport

October 2024

 Saturday 5th The Yacht Tavern, Southampton

 Saturday 12th The White Horse, Swanage

 Saturday 19thThe Jolly Miller, Fareham

 Friday 25th The Heroes, Waterlooville

November 2024

 Saturday 2nd Hothampton Arms, Bognor

 Saturday 9thPrince of Wales, Havant

 Friday 15thWindsor Castle, Gosport

 Friday 29th The Heroes, Waterlooville

 Saturday 30th The Cabin, Elmer

December 2024

 Friday 6th Lord Raglan, Emsworth

 Saturday 7thThe Wyvern, Lee-on-Solent

 Friday 13th The Fareham, Fareham

 Friday 27th The Heroes, Waterlooville

Black Rose Dates

Fri 18th Aug Yacht Tavern Southampton

Fr 22nd Sept Heroes Waterlooville

Sat 30th Sept  Firehouse Southampton

Fri 3rd Nov Yacht Tavern  Southampton

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