November 1, 2019

I have on occasion had enquiries where the enquirer has questioned my price. 

Let me just break down where I am in terms of what the cost covers. 

Firstly the MU suggests that I actually charge £34 ph. I don't, I'm £30 which is about 10% cheaper than the average music te...

December 3, 2018

As it approaches the festive time of year, a question that I get asked becomes more frequent. 

What guitar/amp should I buy?

Everybody has different budgets and preferences.  So it is very difficult to recommend specifics. However I can give a few money saving tips and a...

November 30, 2018

The chord progression in question is  A major| F#minor| E major | D Major|    which is essentially Purple Rain in A major. 

Why is this called the Cornish pasty practice?  Because I combine learning repertoire with technical exercises and theory.  The cor...

August 30, 2018

I often get asked why a student should take grades. The honest and best answer I can come up with having been asked this a lot, is ...."Because they want to take them." 

If the idea of an exam isn't for you, then don't take a grade. You can still learn all the material,...

December 25, 2017

Sept 2016 I graduated from DIME ONLINE and Falmouth University's Creative Music Performance BA (Hons) and looked to see what I should have my next challenge.  Not one to rest on my laurels. Once I have completed something I am always looking for something new to work t...

February 14, 2017

There is a sister site to this one. On this site and the related Facebook and Youtube channels I am/have put together all the pieces that are used for the RGT / Rockschool and Trinity Rock guitar grades.  This in itself has been quite an undert...

February 11, 2017

Always needing something to be working towards, I have presented myself with 2 things to complete this year after I finished my B.A. ( Hons) last year. This years challenge is 2 fold. Firstly I have taken it upon myself to learn, record and demonstrate in lesson for ev...

October 14, 2016

My article in Guitarist magazine.

October 14, 2016

I have been playing guitar for over 33 years, played 3500+ gigs including Wembley Arena. Member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors, 25+ years teaching experience. I attended GIT back in the 90’s and have recently finished another degree in Guitar with DIME Online and Fal...

August 20, 2016

Playing through the chord changes.

For most rock guitarists, there is a standard approach to playing lead ideas. They pick a scale and wail in it. Hopefully the scale covers all the chords being played underneath. This isn’t a dig or criticism, it’s just what we/ they d...

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