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How to progress? Well if your aim is to play, compose, improvise music then you will need to have an understanding of progressions. See what I did there? Good.

Progressions are an array of chords put together to create the underlying harmony of a piece.

For example, A | D |A | A| D| D| A| A| E| D| A | E | is a 12 bar progression most associated with the blues. It is a great idea to understand and recognise this type of chord movement. Delving into the world of progressions will allow you to decipher what kind of scales, arpeggios etc you can play with these chords.

In a series of lessons I will be breaking down, in some depth, some of the more common chord progressions and articulating the information within, so you may get a clearer understanding of what you can do with the information encoded in the progression.

You may want to bring your thinking heads with you as it may take a bit of thought and work, but ultimately you will be a far more adept musician because of it.

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming lessons.


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