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Lessons and You

Lessons? What does it entail, how does it work?

Firstly, it doesn't matter your level of ability. A decent guitar teacher doesn't expect you to know lots of things. It's their job to explain, demonstrate and facilitate your enquiries. Personally, I deal with different levels every day. From complete beginners of all ages to very proficient players. Not everyone is going to be a top pro, Just like people who play football, only a handful get to be pro's, but that doesn't diminish the rest of the population wanting to play at what ever level they are at, and as proficiently as they can. My role, is to help all that come to me be as proficient and competent as they can be, so they can enjoy the instrument as fully as possible. 40 years of playing at all levels from Wembley Arena to the local pub, I still treat playing as my fun and I want to do it as best as I possibly can.

It makes no difference if you are just kicking it about on the playground or walking out at Wembley, you want to do as well as possible and enjoy yourself.

Same analogy if you were into art, doodle at home or paint the mona lisa. as long as you are enjoying it. Art lessons can improve your technique, open you up to other styles, introduce ideas you may not have encountered before.

Guitar lessons. Get the info and technique to allow you to improve your competence.

So with all that in mind, never feel as if you will be judged, pressured or wasting your time. Get in touch now, I'm here to help and I love to do it.


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