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"Testimony from the parent of an 11 year old student:


My son has had electric guitar lessons with Geoff for three years now having almost given up after a year of uninspiring classical guitar in school.  Knowing he likes a challenge Geoff decided to skip RGT performance award levels 4 and 5 and instead to work on level 6 which my son passed a couple of months ago with a 99% distinction. Geoff intuitively knows how to bring out the best in his students and it doesn't hurt that he can demonstrate the odd awesome guitar lick either!"

Steve Lukather ( Toto, plus 100's of others)

 The world needs great teachers!
It takes a special kind of a person. God bless you for being THAT guy!
You might not realize how much you inspire your students but you DO!
Keep the faith

Paul Gilbert (Mr Big, Racer X)

I really liked your playing really smooth with good technique.

Student (Carlos) 

Geoff, is incredibly knowledgeable. What's really great about Geoff's classes is his ability to blend theory and playing (fun bit) into a lesson. I get all the fun of playing some of my favorite tracks plus a degree of theory to improve my development as a musician. He's very patient and supportive , and I have improved a huge amount in just a few weeks.

Highly recommend, can't think there are as many teachers with his experience and knowledge about.

Henry (student)

Really enjoying my lessons...playing exactly the kind of music I like and feel really encouraged by Geoff...he’s a really nice guy

Chris O'Connor

Every time I have a lesson with Geoff it is like a smack in the face with a wet fish.

Al Foggerty

Despite his somewhat dour stage demeanour, get Geoff on the subject of music, guitar, you will unlock the most enthusiastic and inspiring teacher out there.A very deep well of knowledge on the subject plus many more, lessons are enthralling and  so informative. I enjoy our lessons every week.

A very kind review of the latest album I'm on.

These 2 Gentlemen are as follows 

Tristan Seume Click here for info on Tristan

Mike Sturgis click here or here 

I thank them for their very kind words. 

Mr Reb Beach of Whitesnake/Winger/Dokken/ Alice Cooper/Black Swan and I chatting online. His words...
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