There is a sister site to this one. On this site and the related Facebook and Youtube channels I am/have put together all the pieces that are used for the RGT / Rockschool and Trinity Rock guitar grades. This in itself has been quite an undertaking. Over 100 tunes all learnt and performed to Distinction level and then dissected and explained for teaching purposes. Why? I teach the grade system, I think it is a worthwhile system with good things to offer. The question I am often asked is why should someone take grades? How will qualifications help them? This is merely my take on it and I'm sure the various boards will have other reasons that would put forward. I am

2017 Challenge

Always needing something to be working towards, I have presented myself with 2 things to complete this year after I finished my B.A. ( Hons) last year. This years challenge is 2 fold. Firstly I have taken it upon myself to learn, record and demonstrate in lesson for every piece for Rock Guitar Grades across 3 different exam boards. These being the RGT Grades, Rockschool Grades and the Trinity College of Music Grades. This means learning approximately 125 pieces and record videos for each. So far it is going well and the results can be seen at The second challenge is to complete the Registry of Guitar Teachers highest award : The Fellowship of the London College of

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