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Don't be surprised if I express opinions you aren't keen on. It's my website, I'll do what I like. Think of me much like the Ron Swanson of guitar ( see video if you have no idea who that is)

Anyway ... to my point this time.

I spend some time online and regularly see guitarists who have built themselves a "following" endorsing and recommending various guitar products. What I fail to see from most of these is any integrity. They "review" ,rarely anything but favourably, and advertise this products to their followers. What the impressionable followers fail to realise more often than not, is that generally they are sent these products for free by the companies and then rarely are ever seen using them ever again. So by this it is safe to assume that if they are never seen using these bits of equipment again, they possibly aren't as great as they initially told you in the review and they are possibly just whores for hire. The other thing to realise is that these review videos often descend into excuses to show off their latest licks and massage their ego. You view a few on YouTube and you will soon see with new eyes. Do I sound like a grumpy old man? Possibly. am I being brutally honest? Always. My advice is go to guitar shops that stock the product you are interested in. try it our for yourself. Ask questions, make the staff do some work. Don't take the advice of someone on Youtube etc as to what is good for you. It possibly isn't even good for them, but they are free stuff and lots of re-tweets through the brands website, in order to raise their own profile.

Right that's the new breed of YouTube "stars" all peed off... Job done :)

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